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„This is a must attend course for any cake maker who is looking to build a serious business

Ribana Cristescu

CEO of Academy of Baking and Cake Decorating




Week 1-2  Business

online training to cover all essentials of starting a food business, from applying for a licence, getting your certificates, opening the necessary accounts, sorting out your required equipment, getting your recipes and suppliers, and clarifying your price list. By the end of the second week, you will have an established menu and price list adapted to your circumstances. You will have unlimited access to an online form so that you will be able to calculate the cost of any dessert you will add to your menu in future.

Week 4 Baking

dedicated to baking. You'll learn how to bake five different types of sponges and two types of cookies, macarons, and meringues; make cupcakes and prepare fillings needed to set a 3 tier cake, a single-tier barrel cake, and a block cake to be used later for stacking and carving, and then decorate. All recipes will be available as an ebook, including the final product and portion price calculation.

Week 3 Sugarflowers

intensive tuition on making wired sugar flowers( roses, peonies, lilies, foliage, filler flowers, embellishments).We will also create a bunch of fantasy flowers out of wafer paper and gelatine. The flowers will be set on a floral arrangement to complete the 3 tier real wedding cake, which we will complete later in the course.

Week 5 Patisserie

you will learn some patisserie basics. How to make entremets ( one large size 7" and four mono portions), prepare, use glaze, and make edible moss. Decorate them with chocolate decorations made in class ( curls, truffles, moulded shapes and bars of small chocolates). We will cook and make a few essential Isomalt decorations( a sail. one flower, one bulb)

Week 6 Piping

Piping training. Two full days will be dedicated to piping. On the first day, we will focus on royal icing piping and decorating a 3-tier dummy cake using stencilling, brush embroidery, and piped flowers. We will decorate a set of 4 royal iced cookies( baked during the baking class). The second day will be focused on working with buttercream and chocolate ganache. We will decorate the single-tier barrel cake made during the baking training. We will apply chocolate drips, make chocolate sails, and use the palette painting technique to decorate the cake and pipe to decorate the cupcakes. Those will be set as a floral display bouquet. 

Week 7 Sugarpaste

Sugarpaste( fondant) training. For a full day, we will focus on covering a 2 tier dummy cake with fondant. Then we will make decorations and use them to turn the covered dummy cake into three different projects. It will look like a birthday cake for a kid, then for him and her. You will get the chance to work out the costs involved in each project, you will receive the templates to use in future, and you will take the photos to start building your portfolio.

Week 8 Figurine Modelling

Modelling training. A full day will be allocated to figurine modelling. We will make a baby, a female and male figure and two pet figurines Students will be able to chose 2 pet figurines at their choice from a selection of 10.

 Week 9 Sculpted cake

Sculpted cake training During a full day, we will focus on shaping the block cake we set during the baking class. There will be ten designs to choose from. The winning project will be the most voted by the students of the course. We will start by carving the sponge and preparing the supports and decorative elements needed. We will continue covering the cake and the finishing touches required to complete the project. Each project will include at least a small piece made out of rice krispies and marshmallow mix.

Week 10-11 Dessert table

Wedding dessert table training day. We will stack and cover the three-tiered cake prepared during the baking course on this day. We will paint on the cake and then set up the floral display made during the sugar flowers course and set up a dessert table to decorate six cupcakes, six decorated cookies, six biscuits( artisan style cookies), six cake pops, six macarons, six glazed desserts and six desserts in cups ( we will use the elements we have prepared at the starting of the course)

Week 12 Portofoliu

Portfolio-building training. This last section of the course will take place online one week after completing the in-class training. Throughout the course, you will be allowed to take photos of your work and also be shown how to upload them and make them look great using Canva. You will use a template we provided to insert the photos and prices ( which you will learn how to work out by yourself). You will have to send over your photos and prices so that we can create an E-catalogue( E-magazine) with your logo containing the image and prices of the products. That will be your forever and help you promote and sell your products to your customers.

ABCD Business Professional Diploma Course

This online course is now open for enrollment. It is the perfect choice for someone looking to build a profitable cake-related business from home in the shortest possible time.The course is structured to cover everything you need to know from scratch. It will give you the exact steps to follow and have your food business running in 30 days.

 12 weeks online training

  • Once you register for the course, you will get access to the course. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the equipment and ingredients you must get access to complete your assignments.
  • Each Saturday, you will get access to the pre-recorded content meant to be studied the following week. You will have to take time during the weekend to watch the videos and read the attached material to prepare for the week. All the educational material will be available for 12 months from starting the course.
  • We will discuss the week's topic each Monday evening during the live-streamed training. From 6-8 pm, your instructor will get through all the steps you must take to complete your weekly assignment and answer your questions. The live sessions will be recorded, and you can re-watch them whenever necessary within 12 months from the course's start date.
  • You will have access to a private group to interact with your peers and instructor 24/7. Ask questions and advice about any of the topics of the course. This group will be kept active for 12 months and then archived.
  • You must allow yourself time to learn and execute. You build the necessary skills only by putting what you've learned into practice. You will have to take photos of each project you complete. Ultimately, those will be used to create your portfolio/ e-magazine.
    During the course, you will also have to update your price calculation sheets to know precisely how much it cost to make it and how much time was involved so that you can see the profit by the end of the 12 weeks.
  • You must video-record yourself while completing your assignments, compress and upload the video on the platform. Instructions on how to do it will be available for you after registration.
    If you cannot complete your assignment in one week, no problem, access to the following week's material will still be allowed. We understand that the unexpected can get in the way. But if you need to catch up with your submissions for two consecutive weeks, your access to the new educational material will be stopped until you update your assignments
  • Once you submit the assignments, your access will be automatically restored, and you can watch, read and listen to the recorded live-streamed sessions you've missed.
  • Upon completing the course, you will receive an ABCD diploma certificate to prove you are a trained cake maker and decorator and an entrepreneur ready to start making profit and run a business that it rocks.
  • The E-magazine portfolio will reflect your branding and look like an e-catalog. This will allow you to show your customers and prospects what products you've been created and what you can serve them with, but you will also be able to use the catalog to take orders. The E-magazine will contain photos of the products, the selling price, ingredients ( including allergens), and the price you sell it for. It will also mention your terms and conditions and the details of your collection or delivery system.

To complete your business profile, you will need a website, social media accounts and a software for your CRM ( customer relationship management). If you need help building/ setting those, you can look at the "Build your online presence" course. This online course will teach you how to make your website quickly, get a domain name, create a logo, a Google my business page, an Etsy account and social media business accounts like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Plus help you connect your business profile with a payment provider( e.g. Pay pal).

This course is half-price for all students who have completed or are booked to attend any professional diploma courses training at our Academy ( ABCD, PME, Wilton).


£ 1,799


£ 980

2 payments of £ 980 

Total to pay £ 1960


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Beth Woodhead
Beth Woodhead
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Wonderful class, very informative. Will be back to do another. Highly recommend
Priti Sharma
Priti Sharma
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Ribana is an excellent professional, it was a pleasure to learn from her. The class was well prepared and organised. I would happily do another workshop with her. Keep going Ribana! U r exceptional in your knowledge and the support you provide.
Tudy-Anb Lewis
Tudy-Anb Lewis
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Thank you for your masterful class
Diane Sheppard
Diane Sheppard
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
As a member of Potters Bar SugarArt Club I have just watched a demonstration by Ribana. She made Jemima Puddleduck; it was a very interesting, informative and entertaining demonstration. Thank you Ribana - we are looking forward to seeing some more of your work.
Gemma thompson
Gemma thompson
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Great demo thank you
coco susanto
coco susanto
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Thanks Ribana for a brilliant experience! I really enjoyed it and will be back again for future courses! This was a really informative and enjoyable session that has given me the confidence to make my own chocolate and experiment with different designs! Thank you so much!
grainne phillips
grainne phillips
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I have been baking for a long time and needed to improve my skills and confidence. If not for Ribana I would never have been able to take things up a level. Her industry knowledge is priceless and I am so thankful to be able to have her as a mentor. She is very patient and is so methodical in her approach to teaching. What I love about the Academy is the 1-1 learning options aswell as online courses. With any industry you’re always learning so it is fantastic that Ribana is on the ball offering so many courses and sharing her advice. If you’re traveling to the academy as I did, it is well worth the journey regardless of how far. It’s worth every penny! You will never meet another person as wonderful as her ❤️❤️


Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee fully protects you.

If you don't like the content of the course, feel it is not what you've expected or the delivery of the content is not as promised, get in touch and we'll send you a prompt & full refund of what you have paid .

To see if you qualify we will check your course attendance. If you did not access more than 25%  of the course content and did not attend the live training you will be entitled for a full refund, no question asked.

If you attended more than 25% and been constantly present and active during lives but you changed your mind and want to stop the training we will refund the difference after deducting the cost of that part of training you have already benefit from.

If you just need more support to accomplish the desired results email us at info@academyofbakingandcakedecorating, and we will do our best to guide and help you in overcoming the problem regardless what point of the journey you are at.

That is a promise.

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