And learn

How to temper the stubborn CHOCOLATE

and create amazing delicacies 

Join me for a complete course which will introduce you in the world of Chocolate.

I'll share with you all I've learned from my masters and all I found out while practicing and demonstrating Chocolate over the last 12 years.

I will take you from A to D with my E-method. Once you will learn the essentials you will be able to create the imaginable and get to Z.

As your guide I am committed to help you excel.

I would love to see you getting 10 times better then me!

You becoming a success, is the best thing can happen to me!

To look at the details of the course and what you will learn about click HERE 

“ I strive to help passionate creators unlock their full potential by overcoming their fears and love to see them performing at their the best level

 15 years


  • Watch the free module, see what equipment and consumables are needed 
  •   Learn how to temper, colour, store and pack all for free
  • If ready to take the next step to improve your skills BOOK & PAY for your place. 
  • The course will  run for 12 consecutive weeks from the enrollment date 
  • On each Wednesday you will get access to a new topic 
  • You will join a private group where  we will meet for a 30 min Q&A live session every Thursday evening from 7 pm for 12 weeks.
  • Access to the course will be unlimited and group will be archived after 12 months.
  •   Your certificate will be available to download after submitting a photo of your completed project and a short video of you performing the work
grainne phillips
grainne phillips
I have been baking for a long time and needed to improve my skills and confidence. If not for Ribana I would never have been able to take things up a level. Her industry knowledge is priceless and I am so thankful to be able to have her as a mentor. She is very patient and is so methodical in her approach to teaching. What I love about the Academy is the 1-1 learning options aswell as online courses. With any industry you’re always learning so it is fantastic that Ribana is on the ball offering so many courses and sharing her advice. If you’re traveling to the academy as I did, it is well worth the journey regardless of how far. It’s worth every penny! You will never meet another person as wonderful as her ❤️❤️
annett spretz
annett spretz
I took part in a sugar course and learnt all about Isomalt cooking,temperature, pouring and blowing it .It was all very new to me and I was quiet amazed at the end product..I finally achieved.😜 I learnt so much and will continue practicing with the New skills I learned from an amazing teachers... thank you
louise harvey
louise harvey
I have just completed a 9 day course with Ribana and I have learned so much and have enjoyed every minute. Ribana is incredibly knowledgeable and patient, a fabulous instructor who is generous in in encouraging others and sharing her tips. 100% recommend. Thanks Ribana
Ribana is a true artisan and has always been so passionate about her craft. She has been so helpful over the many years I have known her, always willing to help share her wealth of knowledge and experience. What used to be the shop, was like a treasure trove for budding cake makers and bakers, there literally is nothing that Ribana didn’t stock or could advise on. From printed edible paper to intricate silhouettes, all the tools and skills you’d ever need under one roof. I am in awe is what Ribana has achieved over the years, always evolving the business to adapt to the changing needs of her customers. Her passion to share her skill and knowledge shines through always and I am so grateful to have such a unique and specialist establishment just a stone’s throw from where I live. Supporting this type of local business is a pleasure, as Ribana is one of a kind and keeping the business going through Covid especially, could not have been easy, testament to her hard work and tenacity. Wishing you continued success and huge thanks Ribana for all your help and advice, it is much appreciated.
Helen Ogbor
Helen Ogbor
Amazing Experience! One of the best teachers I know. Every mistake is a learning point and she teaches you tricks and shortcuts, this really boosted my confidence. Thank you Ribanna x
Nina B
Nina B
I had an awesome experience attending the fondant class at the academy of cake decorating.I have always been fascinated by art of cake making and was determined to get it right. I learnt a lot of stuff and the instructor ( Ribana ) she was very attentive to every individual and patient with all our questions,an excellent teacher I must say, I can’t thank her enough, can’t wait to attend the next course class . Thanks again…
It was my first online course and it was amazing from day One until the last day of the course. My instructor was one of the best instructor I ever had. She paid so much attention on every details and always gives me lots of advice and follow up to make sure that I understood and able to do my work. So grateful and lucky to have her as my instructor. Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement. Definitely planning to enrol more classes in the future time 😊.
Nicola Hoy
Nicola Hoy
I had an amazing experience on the 3-day PME Royal Icing & Piping course. The facilities were outstanding and Ribana was so generous with her time and sharing her knowledge. I learned so much and picked up countless tips and tricks to achieve superb results. I would highly recommend attending courses with ACD.

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