This is an  ALL-INCLUSIVE in-class course designed for those students who are looking to build piping skills.

We will pipe with royal icing and buttercream and complete the following projects

  • one cake decorated with royal icing
  • one cake coated and decorated with buttercream
  • 4 cookies decorated with royal icing
  • 6 cupcakes piped with buttercream 

 Students will learn how to prepare both royal icing and buttercream, how to store, colour, and get the right consistency for creating various piped decorations.

Time will be dedicated to practising piping and learning how to :

-pipe scroll borders, flowers, creating run-out decorations, collars & extension work, string work, borders, brush embroidery, lace designs, run-out motifs 
-flood and decorate on cookies
-pipe flowers on cupcakes 
-price piped cakes  
-Pack, transport & deliver the cakes, costs involved, pricing guidelines, assembly & presentation at the venue.
During the course, we will practically:

  • Coat and decorate a 6" dummy cake with royal icing ( see photo).
  • Coat and decorate a cake with buttercream.
  • flood and decorate four cookies with royal icing using different styles of piping
  • decorate six cupcakes with a floral theme 

All you need for the course is going to be provided.

Easy techniques can be used to decorate cakes suitable for any occasion. From a very basically decorated cake for a family lunch to an intricate competition cake, there is so much you can do once you learn how to pipe correctly!
This course is suitable for beginners 
The price you pay covers the tuition fee( 25 hours in class tuition), the newest PME student kit and book ( see photo 5 ), printable templates used in class, consumables, and packaging. 
This is a four-day course that starts daily at  9am and finishes at 3.30pm. 
Upon completing the module, you'll get a PME royal icing & buttercream piping diploma.
At the end of the course, you'll take home your student kit, book, all cakes ( real and dummies) and decorations you will make during the course, and most importantly, the KNOWLEDGE & CONFIDENCE, along with lots of tips and tricks for you to use in further successful projects.
You can book your place online, then pay by card, Paypal or bank transfer. You can also pay over the counter in any Barclays branch using the following details( please use your name as a reference for the payment)
Academy of Cake Decorating Ltd, sort code 20 92 54, acc no 43429687, Barclays PLC
Light refreshments: tea, coffee, water, biscuits, crisps, fruits) will be available for free throughout the course. We break for a 30-minute lunch break from 12pm.

Lunch is not provided, so you must make arrangements. 

 BEGINNERS who want to learn the art of piping from scratch



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