Intro ingredients


Ingredients e-booklet

Welcome to the Ingredients lesson

 We will look at the  3 categories of edible components 

  • essentials
  • add ons ( enhancers)
  • special ( adventurous)

  Essentials  category contains

  •   sugar
  •  meringue protein
  •  meal

Enhancers category includes:

  • cream of tartar /xanthan gum
  •  flavours
  • colours

The speciality or adventurous category includes all the stuff which will help us create the fancy types of macarons. During the course will cover few of them like Doritos, popcorn, banana chips, matcha tea, lavender, coffee, speculoos, etc. Possibilities are endless you just have to think what flavour you would like to try and start building that recipe based on the knowledge you will accumulate while practising the available recipes. 

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