This is a hands-on two hours-and-a-half-long cupcake decorating class, from 3 to 5.30 pm.

 Learn great baking and buttercream piping skills.

Ideal for beginners, this short class will introduce you to the exciting world of buttercream icing!

You will watch a demo on how to make buttercream, colour and decorate plus make a floral bouquet of 7 piped cupcakes( see examples in the photos attached)

After watching the demonstration, you'll recreate a few lovely floral designs on your cupcakes.

You will learn to prepare delicious buttercream icing and mix it with your favourite colours to create designs.

You will fill the bags, set the correct nozzles, and start practising a few flowers and patterns, setting the cupcakes and making them resemble a floral arrangement.

You will be piping on freshly ready-baked cupcakes.

You can interact and ask your instructor for help & guidance if you struggle to achieve the desired result.

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